The Etruscans and the Hollow Paths

History, Symbology and Legend.

This new edition of the book "The Etruscans and the Hollow Paths" has been fully revised, updated and redesigned, adding still unpublished photographs. This volume, with texts by Carlo Rosati and photography by Cesare Moroni, is dedicated to the Etruscans in the tufa area and in particular to the famed Hollow Paths definitely representing the most interesting and mysterious archaeological aspect of Sovana, Sorano and Pitigliano. An intriguing co-authored tale about history, symbology and legend, where the selected and evocative pictures build the frame around the story while consolidating its written context, which main purpose is to guide the visitor to the discovery of ancient remains and letting him luxuriate in still pristine places and in the mystery of the most recent archaeological finds. The text has also been translated into English and German and it is issued with four very practical archaeological maps.
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Authors: Carlo Rosati

photographer: Cesare Moroni

Translation: Edward Windus and Ornella Barzaghi

148 colour pages 17X24

ISBN: 9788895999227



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