Tuscan Bread

All the secrets of Tuscan Bread and 20 traditional recipes.

This easy to read, manageable publication, contains historical information and is dedicated to the king of the Tuscan table, unsalted bread. Friable, crispy and tasty but also rustic without appearing too sophisticated. The introduction, written by Andrea Camilleri, embellishes the volume and is followed by texts written by Ornella d’Alessio and Sergio Rossi and includes twenty tasty recipes based on Tuscan bread. “Together with Cesare Moroni and Bruno Duchi”, says the co-author, “I have spent many days cooking, joking and laughing, aiming to take pictures of each dish. However, one thing always appeared clear, one-time Tuscan peasants, knew how to eat well without spending too much”. When cooking, Tuscan bread can also be used stale, to save money, reduce waste and respect the environment, but above all to keep the peasant’s tradition alive
Tuscan BreadTuscan Bread
Tuscan BreadTuscan Bread
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Vorwort: Andrea Camilleri

Authors: Ornella D’Alessio und Sergio Rossi

Fotografie di Bruno Bruchi e Cesare Moroni

88 pagine a colori

Formato 19X22

Copertina: Brossura

ISBN: 9788895999203


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