Apennines Wolf

Un’esperienza vissuta sul Monte Amiata in Toscana

The wolf, this unknown creature, a phrase that is not to be repeated anymore after having read the interesting and delightful book written by Niso Cini and skilfully illustrated with rare pictures taken by Cesare Moroni, two characters in love with the Maremma Nature and the Amiata surroundings in particular. Niso Cini, the author, had strongly willed the Amiata Wildlife Park and he had also managed it in the first years. Here the wolf, living in half-freedom inside large natural spaces, had beeen studied and cared for with passion and devotion. With thousand tricks and long waiting hours, Cesare Moroni, publisher and photographer, succeeded after a time in taking extraordinary pictures that let even the profanes perceive the animal's awesomeness, that gives unrepeatable emotions...This volume is therefore an act of love and respect towards Nature and towards a wild creature of great intelligence, capable of brilliant strategies but at the same time incapable of lying and deceiving. Pages that flow and amuse for their simple tales about life, experiments and the surprises that the wolf's behaviour have given to those observing and caring for them with devotion, following births, growths, mating and behaviour within the pack. It hints also to the problems caused by the wolf in his natural environment, but it also reminds us that the wolf is not evil: he is a predator doing his job well and a wonder of nature in his own right.
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Foreword: Nigel Tapper

Texts: Niso Cini

Photography: Cesare Moroni

Translation: Ornella Barzaghi

176 pagine a colori 

Formato 21,5X31 

Copertiva: Cartonata 

ISBN: 9788895999494



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